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  • Dave Kent provides compelling, SEO direct response copywriting, proofreading and editing, online and offline content, consulting, e-commerce solutions, corporate communications and much solutions that every business needs for success.
  • Dave Kent has been involved with direct response writing, niche marketing and contributing to business success for nearly thirty years. DKC Marketing is a crack team of writers, editors and graphic artists whose mission is to boost response and explode your sales with compelling copy.
  • Here you'll learn what every business needs--copywriting and allied services that begin with copy that sells, and move from there to cover all the critical advertising elements for your business success.
  • Whether it's online or offline, direct response, corporate communications, local or national advertising, print or online--your business will benefit from the masterful hand of Dave Kent. Dave Kent's work reaches through to the core of what makes the reader buy proves that copy that sells is the best way to sell.
  • An essential ingredient of response boosting copy is quality in the written word--and when copy goes out with errors, you will lose some readers. But you won't ever have that problem when you take advantage of DKC's proofreading and editing services...the affordable option to anyone desiring pristine copy with zero error. With this service, we have your back.
  • Another building block every advertiser needs is peer review from a professional copywriter, but few get that. The difference between okay copy and compelling copy is found in the response rates. Getting the leverage on your copy with DKC Copy Critique service means that other eyes have read and felt not only what the buyer needs to to buy, but also what the advertiser intends to convey. It's the quickest, most objective route to the success of your copy.
  • DKC Marketing's samples of compelling, proven direct response, direct mail and corporate communications copywriting, plus articles, ads, newsletters, white papers and press releases.
  • What are folks are saying about Dave Kent and DKC Marketing? Here you'll find a word or two from clients about how he's done. Whether it's direct response, SEO, online or print copywriting or other services, Dave Kent is honored to have so many satisfied friends in the community of business success!
  • A long list of people Dave Kent has had the pleasure the serve in business! Some have ordered complete packages and others have just had copywriting done, While others have had a consultation. Dave Kent looks for long-term relationships that allow him to become a team member with his clients and contribute regularly to boosting their response with compelling copy and other essential, professional marketing services.
  • Frequently asked questions that pertain to Dave Kent, direct response copywriting, turnaround times, revisions, experience, etc...and the answers.
  • Those who desire to gain more information and have their questions answered can call or e-mail Dave Kent today and receive immediate value back. Whether it is offline marketing, SEO, e-commerce solutions, marketing consulting or copy-related services, it all begins with one no-cost call or e-mail.
  • Here are the legalities and policies that work to keep all our mutual dealings and your involvement with Dave Kent and DKC Marketing on the level--from browsing the website to communications to copywriting, to consulting, etc.
  • We believe in and practice data security! Your information is safe with DKC Marketing, whether we are working on a copywriting project, marketing consultation or just brainstorming for ideas. Everyone at DKC is intimately familiar with the U.S. federal regulations dealing with keeping your private data and information, private. This page spells out every consideration for you.

"His copywriting skills are outstanding. If you're looking for more results and a serious team player, I highly recommend David for your next project. " - Joshua Boswell, Kansas City, MO

“David is a very committed and talented writer. I have worked with many ... none hold a candle to his initiative, his ability to dive into and understand engineered products and deliver a final product on time and under budget.” - Deron Austin, Director of Marketing & Communications, Mueller Company, Chattanooga, TN