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"I've got three things to say about David Kent: First, his copywriting skills are great. He takes a lot of time researching, he's well-versed in a number of highly proven copywriting techniques, and he is open for suggestions and insights from the client. I've put him to work on a number of projects and he's always produced great stuff.

"Second, David is a tireless worker. That is hard to find these days. Most people put their mind to something, find out work is involved and then run off after some other siren call that promises easy money. David is simply not that way. He's consistent, diligent, and totally honest in his work. It is very refreshing.

"Finally, David is a constant student. David knows that he's never "arrived," despite his many successes. Because of that he's always getting better and providing more value for clients.

"If you're looking for more results, outstanding copy, and a serious team player, I highly recommend David for your next project.  If you'd like more info, feel free to contact me."  

Joshua Boswell,, Kansas City, MO

“David is a very committed and talented writer. I have worked with many writers in my career and none hold a candle to his initiative, his ability to dive into and understand engineered products and deliver a final product on time and under budget.” 

Deron Austin, VP/Marketing, Lectrus Corporation 

“Dave’s work was very well done. It met all the needed criteria and was wonderfully composed. His work has greatly increased our ability to share our story.”
Greg Henson, Exec. Dir. of External Relations, Northern Seminary


"I had a full page of copy that needed to be cut down to a few sentences for a mailing. The way Dave edited it was brilliant." 

Steven Streit, Creative Director, Oh!Design

"As I served as Executive Vice President of Marketing for Dahlgren's Mailing and later, as owner and CEO of ReadyRace, Inc., David has provided a service level for me that few attain in the business world. His attention to detail, while being creative, produces high results and a very strong understanding that he cares sincerely about the services he provides for his clients. David has, on several occasions, gone beyond the "call of duty" because he is also results-oriented. Whatever I have needed, Dave has been there every time. I would strongly recommend Dave Kent for the very best in detail and response in marketing or advertising." 

Wayne Lueck, CEO, ReadyRace, Inc.

"We teamed up consistently for years on annual projects; every annual session was a crucial event. Recruited by me every Fall, Dave Kent listened, wrote, edited, wrote back, accepted our revisions, produced like there was no tomorrow - and it all came together, year after year, successfully. His work is always creative, always completed on time and he's always professional. He strives for and consistently attains results." 

Cathy Mason, American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, also

“Dave Kent is a person of creativity, commitment and character. No matter how challenging our team objectives, I could always count on Dave to meet each one by its stated deadline. Results are everything in media presentation; with this always in mind, Dave consistently put vision to work with me, and we accomplished great things together. So will you!” 

Robert Laing, FBR, Rochester, MI

“Dave Kent has truly been an asset as he has provided quality marketing media for Downers Grove Christian School. His work has always been timely and done with the highest quality. All the while, Dave is concerned with the customer's complete satisfaction.” 

Fred Versluys, Principal, Downers Grove Christian School

"David Kent brings a professionalism to all of his writing…an attention to detail, and a passion that is impressive. His aviation writing is vivid: reading his account of flying to our home base in Chicago drew me into the intrigue and tension of flying on instruments through a storm, keeping me on the edge of my seat."  

Christopher Lynch, Author, "Chicago's Midway Airport: The first Seventy-Five Years" 


"For many years, Dave Kent has worked with our company in conjunction with our annual conventions. His work reflects the highest quality and we kindly appreciate that he accommodates our last minute changes and additions. His outstanding service is always personal and professional." 

Sondra Becker, Illinois Credit Union System 


"As long as Dave has worked for us, the copy has been accurate, the image and presentation have been done to high customer satisfaction and the job has been completed on schedule. I can think of several specific, repeat annual assignments that Dave helped us with over quite a few years. We have customers who loyally come back every year for annual updates to their advertising and marketing media, and Dave was a big part of making that happen with his follow-up and quality work." 

Jim Wardle, Owner, Murphy's Sign Studio, Inc.

"I had a multi-piece project completed by Dave in 2004 for my school athletic teams. We were proud of what they'd accomplished, so at my request, Dave took my ideas and made them happen. The results were superb. This kind of project pulls the school closer together and tells the world who we are. We proudly advertise our athletics using that same work to this day." 

Alan Molby, Superintendent, Hillside Dist. 93 School, Hillside, IL 

"His copywriting skills are outstanding. If you're looking for more results and a serious team player, I highly recommend David for your next project. " - Joshua Boswell, Kansas City, MO

“David is a very committed and talented writer. I have worked with many ... none hold a candle to his initiative, his ability to dive into and understand engineered products and deliver a final product on time and under budget.” - Deron Austin, Director of Marketing & Communications, Mueller Company, Chattanooga, TN