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About DKC Marketing

The Dave Kent team stays on the forefront of B2B, B2C, technology, small and mid-sized business and new ways to say it best in our changing marketing culture. We are passionate about what we do and are confident in saying that we excel at crafting a message every reader can personally identify with. Your dynamic copy will be an integral part of your salesforce. It will attract buyers, reinforce your integrity and sell more products or services.

For over twenty years, DKC Marketing has been transforming the reach and power of businesses across the United States and Canada. We do it with lead generation and sales copy that helps readers understand why those businesses are the exact answer to their personal challenges and wants. We've found that whether it's a corporate or professional businessperson reading the copy, or a consumer, every reader takes your message personally.

We use that to your advantage in writing killer copy. It's done by completing a simple but effective framework of steps that masterfully build a case in the reader's mind and lead the reader to act. And actions are what get results.

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"His copywriting skills are outstanding. If you're looking for more results and a serious team player, I highly recommend David for your next project. " - Joshua Boswell, Kansas City, MO

“David is a very committed and talented writer. I have worked with many ... none hold a candle to his initiative, his ability to dive into and understand engineered products and deliver a final product on time and under budget.” - Deron Austin, Director of Marketing & Communications, Mueller Company, Chattanooga, TN