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The Challenge

You need to reach your target audience and sell more products. So does every other business out there. Your challenge is that many of them want the same customers you're vying for, and are attracting attention. 


The Solution

Unique reasons why you can service your customer quicker and better are the ticket. I help you with dynamic sales or lead-grneration copy that sends that unique message, and makes your business stand out from the crowd. It sells with a strong and unique story — your story — and zeroes in on your prospect's wants and desires like nothing else can. My SEO skills will also position you up front in the search engines, to make it easy for potential customers to find you online. You're going to have great marketplace visibility, higher response rates and more sales.

But if you want your message to be heard above all the other noise out there, you need to hire an expert copywriter, hopefully one skilled in sales the lifeblood of business.

That's what you get with me. I write copy for direct response, online, B2B and B2C. I write the copy that makes a prospect out of a lead and a buyer out of a looker. I am your go-to copy expert in all the writing disciplines. I'm even a published author. 


It's no accident that you're here. You need an offsite team player you can hire sooner rather than later. And that's me. I'm sure you've heard the saying, If you keep doing what you've been doing, you'll keep getting what you've been getting. With a world that's more competitive than ever, time is of the essence for you to gain the results you're looking for, and a definitive edge in your target market.


I'll help you gain that edge. Certainly don't settle for bargain basement writers, and the magic gurus aren't needed, either. To get the expert copy you want, you won't have to dig deeply to have me writing for you! Just take a few seconds and send me your name and email and I’ll respond right away. I'm not a pressure guy, and there won't be any obligation to purchase my services ... you'll know whether you want to move forward or not.


To your greatest business successes,
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Dave Kent 

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"His copywriting skills are outstanding. If you're looking for more results and a serious team player, I highly recommend David for your next project. " - Joshua Boswell, Kansas City, MO

“David is a very committed and talented writer. I have worked with many ... none hold a candle to his initiative, his ability to dive into and understand engineered products and deliver a final product on time and under budget.” - Deron Austin, Director of Marketing & Communications, Mueller Company, Chattanooga, TN